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Treating Patients with C.A.R.E.

Health care organizations face the challenge of assuring that all staff that interact with patients use effective communication skills. Patients have better health outcomes when good interactions with staff encourage them to adhere to treatment plans and follow up with care. Patient satisfaction and member retention are enhanced when staff members communicate effectively with patients.

"While some general concepts about customer service from retail and service industries may apply to health care, in many ways health care is different.  It's not the same as selling shoes, serving food or working at a bank. The receptionist or medical assistant may be greeting a patient who is physically uncomfortable, frightened, or angry; family members may be anxious or distressed as well.  Staff members in medical organizations aren't simply selling the patient a product; instead they are involved in complex interactions with patients to promote improved health and manage health care resources." (IHCC)

The program was created by the Institute for Healthcare Communication and is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. This workshop is designed to help guide all staff members to communicate in ways that will enhance their interaction with patients.  Additional course information.

The workshop is intended for ALL health care providers (clinicians - regulated/unregulated and non-clinical support staff) working in community/acute care all areas including, but not limited to, direct patient care, education, research, administration/management, and policy development.

Participants receive a certificate and 4.0 Mainpro-1 credits for attending this workshop. Lunch, snacks, and materials are included!

Workshop Fee: Free
Workshop Duration: ½ day

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