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Mindfulness Awareness Stabilization Training (M.A.S.T.)

MAST is a 4-week group that teaches skills to learn to live in the present and to steady the mind.

This is a FREE brief, introductory mindfulness group intended for people who are able to make a 4 week commitment to learning and practicing mindfulness skills. Mindfulness is a skill that is useful for many aspects of our lives and teaches us to be engaged with the present moment in all that comes our way.

  • 1 session per week (approx. 2 hours per session) for 4 weeks
  • Small group workshop (5-16 people)
  • Led by trained leader(s), one or both of whom are are a health professional
  • Each participant will get a reference materials and a relaxation CD.

Participants will lean:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Concrete tools to develop greater emotional stability in their daily lives
  • Emotion regulation and the window of tolerance
  • Mindfulness of body, thoughts and feelings
  • How the brain/body processes stress and emotions
  • About developing self-care - come away with information and concrete tools to develop greater emotional stability in your daily life

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