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Motivating Healthy Behaviours

Historically, patient motivation and behaviour were viewed as the domain of the patient. The implied assumption was that the clinician could do little more than provide information to influence the patient’s actions; however, we now know this to be an inaccurate assumption about the dynamic that takes place between clinician and patient.

The program was created by the Institute for Healthcare Communication and is accredited by the College of Family Physicians of Canada. This workshop is designed to acquaint participants with the literature, theory, and techniques for promoting change in health behaviour. Additionally, this workshop provides the clinician with efficient and effective techniques and tools to help enhance patient behaviour change and adherence to treatment plans. Additional course information.

The workshop is intended for ALL health care providers (regulated/unregulated) working in community/acute care all areas including, but not limited to, direct patient care, education, research, administration/management, and policy development.

Participants receive a certificate and 4.0 Mainpro-1 credits for attending this workshop. Lunch, snacks, and materials are included!

Workshop Fee: Free
Workshop Duration: ½ day

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